Website loading speed optimization

Is your site loading slowly in the browser? Site loading more than 3 seconds? Are you getting download errors? Hosting sends notifications about exceeding the limits? It’s all sad, but fixable!

If the website is slow, it’s a complete fiasco for you and a waste of time for your client. After all, not only its position in the search results depends on the speed of the site (load speed is one of the ranking factors in Google), but also the convenience of the site and user experience.

Ideally, the site loading speed is 0.3-0.5 seconds. This way it is possible to optimize the site in about 1-3 cases out of 10, and 4-7 sites out of 10 manage to load in 1 second. However, a lot depends on how the site is built, what plugins and themes are used, how VPS is configured (if VPS is used ). So let’s try to speed up your website together!